Visual Studio 2017 Update 5 (15.5.1)

by noel 12. December 2017 03:27

A week ago Microsoft released the fifth consecutive update to Visual Studio 2017 - 15.5.1. There are a lot of major bug fixes and we at the Trirand team took the week to test our ASP.NET Core products inside the fresh update. Good news is everything is working great and as expected, with a few extra free benefits.

It was common knowledge that Visual Studio 2017 tooling was somewhat lacking in respect to user experience and quality when it comes to ASP.NET Core / Standard projects. It was commonly reported that the build / rebuild compile times were slow, especially compared to what the CLI (command line prompt compiler) had to offer. In addition, a very common annoyance was missing "Error List" window and there was no way for developers to locate the compile-time errors unless they restarted Visual Studio 2017. In addition, the IntelliSense was often out of sync providing weird to non-existing suggestions for  properties and methods. Last but not least, NuGet Manager was flaky at best, with common force refreshes needed when referencing packages.

Good news is that all of this is now gone and fixed, so good job Microsot Visual Studio .NET team. Even better - the update only took 15 minutes on our laptops, much better than the few hours required with previous updates. With respect to Trirand products, everything is now tested and officially supported, so please fell free to download our sample Visual Studio 2017 project and play with it directly in the updated Visual Studio. 

Happy coding.


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