We support ASP.NET Core 2 since day one with a suite of 30+ UI and DataViz components

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All ASP.NET MVC platforms 4.6.2 and up are supported, Visual Studio 2017 sample project

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ASP.NET WebForms

Suported since its inception, powerful AJAX based UI components for WebForms

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What you can achieve

Trirand selected customers

Selected Customers

Trirand selected customers Trirand is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

What we do

We create ASP.NET based UI widgets based on open standards like ASP.NET MVC, Core, HTML5, Bootstrap. We aim at simplicity and speed. We try hard to support all browsers and devices, legacy or new. We support the iPad browser. We also support IE6. And anything in between. We link that to established platforms like ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC to create a smooth experience and help developers deliver top products and solutions on time.

Hundreds of features in the product

Why you should use Trirand.Net Components

- Per developer licenses with unlimited deployments
- Subscription licenses for source and free updates
- Expert, developer support staff helps you solve problems
- The developrs writing the products ARE our support guys as well
- Proven track for more than 10 years

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Trirand's continuous commitment to improvemnt

We have followed ASP.NET evolution since day one, and were able to introduce WebForms, MVC and now ASP.NET Core components on the first day of their release. We have been subcontracted by Microsoft to work on the private alphas and betas of all their major releases since 2009.

See what some of our customers have to say about Trirand

Excellent service—difficult to top for developers

I think I've been with Trirand for probably 10 years or very close to that. That is because I had no reason to change! As a developer, everything I needed and more, was always there at the ready—whether it was current technologies or betas and previews. I've never had a problem and when I had questions, they were answered immediately. I always found I had the same freedom as my development workstation, whether it was privileged access to my databases, code deployment, 3rd-party tools, latest version of a framework—no issues. I hosted on Windows servers and I would recommend Trirand to any developer. - Jorvig

The best of the best!

I have been using Trirand Grid since their beginning. They are innovative and always have exactly what you need. Trirand's tech support is one of the best things I have and their developers have been honest and dedicated which you don't see in other companies. I have moved from one of the competitors in the component space to Trirand after getting hired as webmaste for my company. Nothing even gets close to that. I adore the components and will probably own a lifetime subscription - Ron Howard

Just works!

I've purchased Trirand ASP.NET MVC suite last year. Trirand staff has always been knowledgeable and competent on any hosting or technical issue I needed addressed. I went through several server system upgrades and email support service was always reliable. The only minor bits I can think of: (1) On the email side, it took too long fro Trirand support to show up, but that was also the fault of Win8's mail requiring IMAP instead of POP;- Chris Fowley

Best Data Visualisation I have seen

The ASP.NET Core DataViz suite is one of the best crafted pieces of software I have ever seen. I was able to create a master / detail report (grid with Radar and Scatter charts as detail) in 15 minutes - management was amazed - Ivan Scabrev

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