Type Name Description Default Access
static mixed $queryLog Array that holds the log information empty array protected
string $dataType The output format for the grid. Can be json or xml xml public
array $datearray Store the names that are of "Date" type. The names should correspond to the names in colModel. Used in search to convert the user date to db date empty array public
string $dbdateformat Date format accepted in the database. See getDbDate. Used for searching. Also used in CRUD operation - see jqGridEdit class Y-m-d protected
string $dbtimeformat Datetime format accepted in the database. See getDbTime. Used in serching data. Also used in CRUD operation - see jqGridEdit class Y-m-d H:i:s protected
string $dbtype This is detected automatically from the passed connection. empty string protected
boolean $debug Enable disable debuging. Depending on the variable $logtofile outputs the information either in file or console false public
string $encoding Default enconding passed to the browser. utf-8 public
string $ExportCommand Set the sql command for excel export. If this command is empty a $SelectCommand is used empty string public
array $GridParams Holds the parameters that are send from the grid to the connector. This array correspond to prmNames object in jqGrid Javascript library array("page" => "page","rows"=>"rows",
"sort" => "sidx","order"=>"sord",
"search" => "_search","nd"=>"nd",
"id" => "id","filter"=>"filters",
"oper" => "oper","query"=>"grid",
"addoper" => "add","editoper"=>"edit",
"deloper" => "del","excel"=>"excel",
integer $gSQLMaxRows Maximum number of rows to be exported for the excel 1000 public
string $I Used to perform case insensitive search in PostgreSQL. The variable is setted automaticali protected
boolean $jsonencode If set to true uses the PHP json_encode if available. If this is set to false a encode is used. This should be changed if the character set in the database is not utf-8 true public
boolean $logtofile Determines if the log should be written to file or echoed. By default it is true and when the debugging is enabled a jqGrid.log file is created in the directory where the jqGrid class is called. true public
boolean performcount If set to false does not execute the automatic query for the count of records and summary operation. Use this variable with care true public
resourse $pdo Stores the connection passed to the constructor empty protected
boolean $readFromXML Obtain the SQL qurery from XML file. In this case the SelectCommand should be set as xmlfile.sqlid. The xmlfile is the name of xml file where we store the sql commands, sqlid is the id of the required sql.  false public
string $select Holds the modified select command used into grid empty protected
string $SelectCommand In case if no table is set, this holds the sql command which is executed and the result is sended to the grid empty public
string $SubgridCommand Set a sql command used for the simple subgrid. Experimental empty public
boolean $showError Allow to send all errors which occur on server to the client. If used with jqGrid and jqGridEdit class the appropriate error events should be written. If used with jqGridRender class these events are created automatically false public
string $table set a table to display a data to the grid if the $SelectCommand is empty string empty public
string $userdateformat The date format used by the user when a search is performed. Also used in CRUD operation - see jqGridEdit class d/m/Y protected
string $usertimeformat The datetime format used by the user when a search is performed.Also used in CRUD operation - see jqGridEdit class d/m/Y H:i:s protected
function $customFunc Custom function which can be called to modify the grid output. Parameters passed to this function are the response object and the db connection. See Tutorials on how to use it. null public
boolean $xmlCDATA Defines if the xml otput should be enclosed in CDATA when xml output is enabled false public
boolean $optimizeSearch Optimizes the search SQL when used in MySQL with big data sets.
Use this option only in MySQL databases with not very complex queries (queries with subselects)
false public
array $PDF Stores the options for PDF export. To set a vareios PDF options for export use setPdfOptions method

 "page_orientation" => "P",
 "title"=>"jqGrid PDF",
 "keywords"=>"table, grid",
 "path_to_pdf_class"=>"tcpdf/tcpdf.php", "shrink_cell"=>true,

mixed $oper Return the current grid operation.If the grid file is called first time the varaible has a value false. After that the operation depend on the actions from the users. The list of avilable operations can be get with getGridParams. To change athe name of the opeartion parameter use setGridParams method false public